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You provide deck staining materials. Price is for labor only.

Quality Above All

Why go without staining or painting this beautiful asset? You can protect your investment for as little as 7% of the cost of it.
If you let your deck turn gray, it will have to be power washed before it can be sealed or stain. This can add several hundred to the job cost. Pressure washing can cost as much or more than the actual staining or sealing can because it is so time consuming, plus you have to wait for it to dry before you can seal, turning it into a 2 day job.

Premium Deck Protection
Technology is so advanced today, that the deck stains on the market that we prefer to use are guaranteed to last 8 years on your deck! This means by spending a little bit of extra money now, you will save hundreds in the long run.

Premium Deck Staining
ALWAYS Protect Your Deck AND Fence.

About our parent Raleigh painting company


You just finished spending between $3,000 and $10,000 on your new deck for your home. You think that there is nothing else to do now. You let your deck go unprotected like all of your neighbor's have done. Times flies by and before you know it, your new deck doesn't look so new anymore.

The floor has started turning gray. Several railing pickets warped, your deck doesn't have the same sparkle as it did in the beginning. You may have been told to seal it or paint it, but you were busy, time just slipped away, and you didn't really realize how important it was to get it sealed or stained.

Fortunately, deck protection can help. We are the most cost effective deck staining company and we are protecting your decks all over the Raleigh - Durham area.

Pressure treated lumber is used in playgrounds, fences, and decks. Staining, painting, or water sealing your deck, playground, and fence can protect you and your family.

A third of the playgrounds in Central Park expose kids to potentially dangerous levels of arsenic, a New York Post study found. Pressure-treated lumber at one third of play areas tested positive for arsenic levels above what is considered safe. Two others had lower levels of the cancer-causing chemical. The highest reading was on a jungle-gym plank at the Wild West Playground on West 93rd Street translates to about a 1-in-500 lifetime risk of lung cancer or bladder cancer.

Source: Playground Poison

Some of the many North Carolina cities we stain decks in: If yours is not listed, we can still help.

  1. Chapel Hill
  2. Durham
  3. Zebulon
  4. Holly Springs
  5. Garner
  6. Cary
  7. Clayton
  8. Apex
  9. Wakefield